World golf tour tips and tricks

World golf tour tips and tricks

This online golf simulation has it all . The editorial team tells you how you can quickly celebrate your first successes and prevail against the tough competition.

wgt golf” is a free online game on a client basis. All you need to play is the approximately 85 megabyte installation file from the official website and a valid email address.

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After the installation, the game starts with character creation and a tutorial that will help you get started with “world golf tour”. But what’s next? In which areas do you best improve your virtual golfer, which special skills and items are worthwhile, how do you quickly celebrate successes in the game? The editorial team is at your side.

Character development tips

In the first few hours of the game, concentrate on the attributes impact and control. This ensures that the ball lands where you want it after the tee. As soon as you leave the entry-level status (called Beginner in the game), you invest a few points in the value Power. Remember that more muscle strength means less control. A healthy distribution of the attribute points between control and power is therefore sensible. You can discreetly neglect the stamina of your character – regenerating soft drinks are available free at the start of the game, later cheap in the beverage shop.

Since you do a lot of quests on the side in online games (e.g. hitting ten nice tees or playing nine holes on one of the courses), there is no reason to be reluctant. Fill your logbook with all the tasks you will find.

Nice graphics cool gameplay

You will receive useful items and special skills for role-playing, not only experience points, but also useful items and money for completing tasks. Every item, whether sunglasses, a t-shirt or a golf club, influences the attributes of your character. For example, some clothes improve your strength, others increase accuracy and endurance. Under the menu item My Info you will find an overview of the current equipment and its influence on your attributes. Note: The game does not show the effects of most golf clubs in the attribute bars. All items in “world golf tour” have an expiry date; the lifespan is usually 30 days. After that, you can no longer use the equipment, which requires forward planning. You should always have a financial cushion if an important item expires.

If you want, you invest real money in your character and acquire a premium membership, for example. It brings various discounts and runs for 30 days. As with other games, the following applies: Paying customers and free gamers use identical equipment. If you flip real money, you only rise faster with your character.

As your character level increases, you will have the opportunity to learn special skills. These are special stroke variants with which you can, for example, give the ball a spin, hit it more precisely from sand bunkers or pay less attention to the wind. There are no right or wrong special shots here – choose what best suits your playing style!

What matters is on the green

“WGT Golf” offers a variety of game modes with various courses. The first two courses, Basic Garden and Secret Garden, are particularly suitable for beginners, but are still played frequently by the “WGT” professionals. A few tips for tees, putting and clubs: The bold white number on the horizon indicates how far you can get with the selected club. The distance to the hole can be found below the small flag. In many cases, the game automatically gives you the right racket. Some cases, the distance with the proposed sports equipment is not sufficient; in strong headwinds you may not land on the green at all. So don’t blindly trust the default.

The game never puts a putter in your hand until your ball is near the hole. With the long putter you can still start a test and maybe even punch in a very flat green. The great advantage of the putter: When determining the impact, you can see (almost) exactly how far the ball rolls – apart from bumps, ridges and depressions.

A gentleman sport

golf is still considered a gentleman sport. This is also noticeable in “wgt golf”. Aggressive natures, players with time pressure and verbal slips are very rare to find here. Instead, the virtual professionals, many of them by the way, treat each other very politely, so that entry is also very pleasant for golf beginners.

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