All you need to know about WGT golf

All you need to know about WGT golf

WGT Golf Tour takes you to the courses of the professionals. The online golf game developed by Chad Nelson and YuChiang Cheng was published in 2008 and offers a high-resolution 3D golf simulation.

With the game, golf fans can gain insights and experiences on the most famous professional courses from all over the world. The controversial 2015 US Open course, Chambers Bay, is there, St. Andrews and many more. Through various tournaments, the first successes quickly appear and level increases ensure that the simulation is not boring.

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Three years after the launch, there were already more than 100 million different game variants, including counting, hole play or closest-to-the-pin. In addition to PC and laptop use, there is also a mobile version for smartphones and tablets.

From free play to major tournaments

In addition to exploring numerous golf courses, the WGT golf game also includes video analysis and training tips with David Leadbetter.

In addition, qualifications can be played to tournaments on the PGA Tour and the majors such as the Open Championship in St. Andrews.

In many comparable games there is often the problem that avatars, places and equipment are not displayed real. But the WGT golf looks different. Here, the player can golf with his avatar on places like Wolf Creek, Pebble Beach or even on the US Open Square in Chambers Bay and look forward to the realistic design. In addition, the golfer is equipped with various updates in his own pro shop.

If you want to duel with players from all over the world, you can join an existing club on the world golf tour. Also simply found a new club in which friends can also participate in the round or the tournament.

Earn coins and equip your avatar

Through various game modes and participation in tournaments coins can be earned through appropriate placements. These can then be used to pay entry fees and new equipment in the pro shop. The Pro Shop has a wide range of brands. In addition to the own brand include TaylorMade, Nike, PING, Callaway and Cobra. In addition to rackets, shoes, balls, food and play aids can also be bought.

If you are unfamiliar with the equipment, you have the opportunity to get an opinion on the individual racquets in the field of comments. But everyone in the WGT community can also exchange ideas about the latest topics.

A steady hand on the mouse is required

A swing display bar at the bottom of the screen helps to control the avatar.
The swing is initiated with a click. With a further click of the mouse you fix the desired outward movement. And with a third click the ball is marked at the moment of impact. The mouse also helps to change clubs or directions. The zoom option also enables accurate reading of the fairway.

WGT Virtual Golf Tour is an exciting, visually appealing online game for creative breaks on the PC, for long nights.

Also for “playing” and cheering on PGA tour and major tournaments!

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